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Water Problem

Posted on 31 Jan 2010
Everyone in Viljoenskroon knows about the water problem. This is not the first time this has happened and it will not be the last time.

There are a lot of rumors, pumps wasn't raised, pumps washed away, pumps broken, and who knows what else.

What is going on? Can someone let everyone in Viljoenskroon know what the real story is, when it will be fixed, and what is going to be done so that it doesn't happen again?

Update: Well after the water of the river started to go down, the pumps were "fixed/installed" and the water returned to Viljoenskroon. Everything was great and then a week without water and no real explanation.

People from Rammulotsi walked to town with buckets to get water from people with boreholes. No real help from the Municipality in this regard.

People are getting tired of this water crisis and is making alternative plans. On Monday 22 February the water was gone again and only came back on Wednesday 24 February. In that time I visited 2 different people, and both of them had erected tanks, connected to their boreholes and a pressure pump between the tank and their house. They were not even aware of the water not being there as the have closed the water from the Municipality and is only using borehole water. One of them is now looking into solar pannels for electricity, and will soon be "off the grid". Is this the future for Viljoenskroon?

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